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Charlotte's costumes are always a dream to shoot. The coherence of colour palette and design means they always look superb in any style and the wonderful technical skill involved means they hold up in even the closest of shots. Charlotte's work ethic is unparalleled and shows in the incredible attention to detail in all of her costumes. Always outstanding and always a thrill to see what she comes up with next!


Matthew Barnes, Photographer

"CKFilmdesign creates high-quality costumes. Her works are distinguished by their elegance and the finesse of execution. It is always a pleasure to work with her, she has the ability to inspire other people and to translate visions for a costume into reality."





Pavy - Cast4Art, Home of the famous Worbla's Art series of products, Germany.

Charlotte is a very creative and professional costume maker. I am a hairdresser and have worked with her on several photo shoots over the last few months. The costumes she makes are amazing and the times we spend together are unforgettable. I love her passion, her creations and absolutely enjoy the team work together. Can't wait to shoot with Charlotte again in couple of weeks time again!


Wei Jiang, Senior Stylist, Buoy

Charlotte has been an absolute pleasure to work with along with her exquisite, handmade costumes and props. Our group has been involved with her original designs on 2 projects this year for Photoshoot Collaborations. The craftsmanship was superb with fine attention to detail and period authenticity. It's inspiring to see such dedication throughout the design process and we look forward to seeing her future creations!

Vanessa Leigh Forlong - Lead MUA for The Fashion Creative

Charlotte was absolutely amazing to work with. The experience of modelling her costumes was more than just throwing on a nice dress. Her passion and dedication to the costume and the envisioned character made the experience surreal. Every aspect of the ensemble was so detailed and perfectly planned yet came across in such an effortless and natural way. Charlotte is a beautiful soul and it undoubtedly reflects in her work. I think anyone would be very lucky if they get a chance to work with her and create some magic.


Kimre Sunflower Viviers, Model.

Charlotte is a very  talented and professional costume maker. As a makeup artist I have worked with charlotte and have been blown away by not only her work but by how much of a caring and wonderful person she is and you can see this reflected to her work with the care she takes bringing her ideas to life, I  can not wait to work with her again! 

Make up artist - Amie Lyver 

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