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As well as costume and set design, our artists at CKFilmdesign love a challenge, building props, and creatures for a range of clients across the film, theatre and gaming industries. Grinding Gear Games (recent winner of the "Best Evolving Game" at the 2020 Bafta Games Awards) asked us to re-create props and costumes from their award winning Path of Exile game. 


Above: Einar's crossbow, a combination of materials including wood, leather, 3D printed and Worbla thermoplastic. xyxyxyxyxyxyxyxyxyxyxyxyxyxyxyxyxyxyxyxyxyxyxyxyxyxyxyxyxyxyx


CKFilmdesign creates high-quality costumes. Her works are distinguished by their elegance and the finesse of execution. It is always a pleasure to work with Charlotte, she has the ability to inspire other people and to translate visions for a costume into reality.


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