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CKFilmdesign is a Wellington, New Zealand based independent Art Department.

Our team of artists and master craftsmen provide quality costumes, props, creatures and set design services to the film, theatre and wider entertainment industries.

CKFilmdesign, NZ, New Zealand, uniform, jed, brophy , Costume, Design, ANZAC, Soldier, WW1

Photographer : Matt Dobson

MUA: Erin Kelly

Actor: Jed Brophy

CKFilmdesign creates high-quality costumes. Her works are distinguished by their elegance and the finesse of execution. It is always a pleasure to work with Charlotte, she has the ability to inspire other people and to translate visions for a costume into reality.

Pavy - Cast4Art

Home of the famous Worbla's Art series of thermoplastic products, Germany.

Maori Fantasy Armour from New Zealand film 'Rata'. Costume Design, Charlotte Kelleher - CKFilmdesign.

Photographer : Matt Dobson

Actor: Craig Durst

Rata is a dark Maori fantasy movie; because of the tapu around telling New Zealand's myths and legends every facet of how it is conveyed is extremely important.  Our team carefully thought through every detail of the proof of concept to combine authenticity with fantasy and do justice to such an awesome story. CKFilmdesign really respected the vision for Rata going above and beyond what we expected by thoroughly researching and even using traditional material to craft the costumes from scratch. The end result of the costumes not only looks phenomenal on screen but was comfortable for the actors and held up the whole way through filming despite the challenging filming locations and conditions.

Richard Turner
Director – ‘Rata'

CKFilmdesign, NZ, New Zealand, Charlotte, Kelleher, Costume, Design, Cosplay, Elf, Elven, Commission

Photographer : Matt Barnes

MUA: Amie Lyver

Model: Kimre Viviers

Bow: Sanit Klamchanuan

In an era that is seeing films rely more heavily on computer effects, it is refreshing to work with artists who perform miracles in front of the camera. Time and time again I've seen Charlotte and her team defy the constraints of time and budget to bring characters to life with a degree of nuance and detail that I doubt few others could match. Far more than just a costume shop, they are creative collaborators that become an invaluable ally in the filmmaking process, from the first development meeting right through to the moment the film wraps. What Charlotte has created at CKFilmdesign is a hub of creativity, a place where storytellers can let their imaginations run free and have their ideas fostered by like-minded artists. I relish every opportunity I get to visit the CK workshop and see what new and exciting creations they're bringing to life.

Brendan Dee
Director - Pocketmoney Productions


World of Wearable Art Finalist 2016 - Weta Workshop Cosume and Film. Charlotte Kelleher NZ

Photographer : Matt Barnes

MUA: Amie Lyver

Model:Skylar Leigh

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